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Nancy K. Hull: Dependable & Courteous Since 1983 • (336) 686-1225
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Have you ever just wanted to do something that mattered? Well, that is how my Shaklee story began. I wanted to contribute to my families income while staying home with my children....but I did not want to do just anything to make ends meet......I wanted to leave a legacy.

In 1983, I officially became a member and started taking the products. At the time, I was having a really rough time with PMS. A co-worker suggested that I try Shaklee B Complex. I was desperate, so I did. I went from having cramps 10 days before my cycle to 1 day. WOW....I was sold! One thing led to another so I began consuming other Shaklee supplements. Then, the lights went on! I could share these products with others and contribute to my families income! Yes! This was what I was searching for!

That was 35 years ago. Now, with young adults in their 20's, I can proudly say that my dream did come true. I was able to stay home with my children and contribute to our income. Now, I am saving for our retirement....all on my time.